Tuesday, June 16, 2009


This is cousin Mindy when she was younger, fairer and slimmer. Back then, she stays with Bad Aunty. Now that Bad Aunty had gotten married, I am stucked with her. Had to share my Mummy with this emo. Sigh !!!!!
This is cousin Mindy 2 years ago, after a "Botak" session initiated by my Po Po.
Recently there was a long holiday, where Gung Gung and Po Po went for a break from us. Bad Uncle brought home cousin Stephy. Yeah. The black dog is cousin Stephy. She blogs too along with my 2 other cousins. You may access their blog at
Uncle was trying to teach Mindy and Stephy how to swim. There he is, trying to lure Mindy into the water.
Mindy is a natural propeller. The moment her back legs touches the water, the front limbs automatically started paddling.
Stephy was too freaked out to get into water. She just stood at a corner and watched Mindy in action.
Bravo !!!! Cousin Mindy !!!!

Me posing for the camera

I love sleeping. That is what I do every afternoon when Mummy is at work. I also love posing for Mummy's camera when she is home in the afternoon, or rather what my cousins call "camwhore". Check me out !!!!!

Look at my tummy. Tyra Banks in the making.

See !!!! Me posing for Mummy.

Oh ! I am just so cute. Irresistable to say it, huh ?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Things I love doing .......

There are things I love to do during my past time. I love playing with Daddy and Mummy, one of it is this fake mouse that my bad Uncle bought for me from this place called UK ........

Apparently back then Uncle won a ticket to see Manchester United some time ago, and he remembered me and bought me this ......

This is froggy froggy. Mummy bought it from Ikea. It used to be my favourite toy that I couldn't live without ......

I also love watching F1 with Daddy, though most of the time he would had dozed off even before the 10th lap ........

Darn !!!!!! That Shoe maker guy won again !!!!!

I love it when I get all the attention. I kinda like making Mummy panic when she doesn't see me or hear me.

Hide and Seek.

Can you see me ?????

Na ... na... na... nana ........
You cannot find me ......

Peekaboo !!!!!

Ain't I cute or what ????

My favourite sleeping spot - Papa leg !!!!!

Look at me. Looking all cute and innocent. Meow !!!!!

Afternoon nap. Zzzzzzzzz !!!!!!!

Sleeping with Papa is the best !!!!!

My new "cage" ........

My "cage" is huge. Mummy housed me in her condo most of the time, with occasion car rides with Papa to mamak stalls, etc. I am allowed to roam around in this condo, anywhere I want, except for the balcony. Mummy say its for my own good. She worry that I will fall off.

Look at me. So small and fragile then .....