Thursday, February 10, 2011

How was your New Year's Eve ?

I am back !!!!!

Mummy has been super lazy. She has not updated my blog for months !!!!!
Anyway, how did you celebrated your New Year's Eve ? Mine was awesome.

Daddy decided to be nice, and he took me out on a day ride. So nice of him. Thats me, enjoying my ride at the back seat.

Of course. Mummy is always soft hearted, and she had to bring the annoying cousin, Mindy along. Guess where she sat. Hehehehe !!!!

For dinner, mummy made our favourite chicken and carrot stew. She had previously made this for cousin Fatty and Ally, and they all love it.

That's me, chomping down my dinner. Yum yum !!!!!

What the heck ? Since its New Year's Eve, I decided to share my meal with Mindy.

So, tell me. How was your New Year's Eve ?